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Anima VR is a program that my team of Coursemates and I created as part of a University module in our Second Year.

Our client, Questionable Quality, gave us a brief that enabled us to explore and push the VR technology to see what we could get out of it, so it was quite a creative license. The result of their brief and also our regular meetings was Anima - something that we are able to showcase as our final piece. 

The Anima framework also enables us to build upon our knowledge of VR to create bigger and better games/experiences.



HaskinsGames - https://haskinsgames.wordpress.com/

Fairy Mental - https://fairymental.itch.io/

Wing Chau - https://github.com/iamWing


Client - http://www.questionablequality.com/


Install instructions

To Install on Android:

  1. Download the .apk file from here
  2. Navigate to your downloads folder on your device.
  3. Select the .apk file and install.
  4. Click the Unity icon that will have appeared upon completion of installation.
    1. This will either be on your home screen or in your app browser depending on your settings.


Anima_Android.apk 36 MB

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